KYC Documents

Request KYC documents from customers using the KYC request API which generates a signed link to the KYC document gatherer. The types of documents to request:

  • identity-proof
  • address-proof
  • purchase-proof
  • funds-proof
  • credit-file-proof

In the case that a credit-file-proof is requested in combination with identity-proof and address-proof, the credit-file-proof is attempted first. If it is successful in validating the identity and address, then the KYC request is considered instantly fulfilled. If it is not, or if you the credit-file-proof isn't requested, then redirect your customer to the KYC document gatherer to collect their KYC documents. Rebilly parses and analyzes the documents and accepts or rejects them according to a configurable scoring algorithm. When all of the document types in the KYC request are accepted, the status is considered fulfilled and the KYC request fulfilled webhook will be triggered. If a document is accepted while unreviewed documents of the same type exist, the unreviewed documents will be archived and the archived webhook will be triggered.